Sample Civil Documents

The following are samples of Registro Civil documents such as those you might recieve as part of your personal genealogical research report. Bear in mind that the actual condition of the records vary depending on how well they were stored, cared after, paper and ink used to create them, not to mention the effects the ravages of time may have had on any given record.

Luis Muñoz Rivera (1859 - 1916) Death Record

Luis Muñoz Rivera (1859 - 1916) was a Puerto Rican newspaperman, and statesman, and the father of Luis Muñoz Marin, Puerto Rico's first democratically elected governor. The above document is a very valuable one from a genealogical perspective as it provides us with information on three generations of the Muñoz Rivera family. Not only is his wife named (Amalia Marin), but also his parents (Luis Muñoz Barrios & Maria M. Rivera), as well as both of his paternal (Luis Muñoz Iglesias & Maria Escolastica Barrios) and maternal grandparents (Esteban Rivera & Maria Estefania Rivera). This record represents a genealogical gold mine for anyone researching this family as it spans over 100 years of family history.

Source: Registro Civil de San Juan, Puerto Rico (Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico)


"Julia de Burgos" - Julia Constanza Burgos Garcia (1914 - 1953) Birth Registration





























Source: Registro Civil de Carolina, Puerto Rico (Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico)


Antonio Correa Cotto (1918 - 1952) Death Record

 Antonio Correa Cotto (1918-1952) Death Record

  Source: Registro Civil de Ponce, Puerto Rico (Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico)

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