1899 Census of Porto Rico

This is a sample of what the population schedule used during the 1899 census looks like:


 Schedule 1 - 1899 Census of Porto Rico

The whereabouts of the actual population schedules is a mystery. We know the census was actually conducted during the fall of 1899 by Puerto Rican enumerators and that the data was tabulated as evidenced by the contents of the "Report on the Census of Porto Rico, 1899." It tells us, among other interesting facts, that the population of the island at that time was 953,243.


Source: U.S. War Department , Porto Rico Census Office, Sanger, Joseph  Prentiss; Gannett, Henry; Willcox, Walter, “Report of the Census of Porto Rico, 1899,” (Washington, DC, Government Printing Office, 1900) <https://www.census.gov/history/www/programs/geography/island_areas.html> Accessed 20 Oct 2015

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