Let Us Help You - Our Research Services

Let Us Help You - Our Research Services

de Ribera Researchers offers professional genealogical research for fee services nationwide. While, we specialize in Puerto Rican genealogy in general, and southern Puerto Rican genealogy in particular, our strengths are such that we can conduct research for virtually any part of the United States of America. We use legitimate online resources, the massive microfilm database of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons), various subscription services, our own personal library of genealogical resources developed over the last 20 years, and, as needed, research is conducted at actual source locations in the field (churches, archives, libraries, etc). We strive to provide our clients with accurate and professional services at the lowest cost possible. And, all costs are spelled out up front so you know exactly what it will cost you before you commit. The only exception being actual out of pocket expenses, if applicable, but even there we can give you a good idea of what those costs could be (see "Payment" section below).

Our Services

In order to provide you with the most flexibility our research services are offered in three different options as noted below. Review each one and decide which one is best suited to your own personal research needs. Under Option 3 we offer three sub-categories so you actually ahvea total of 5 different options to choose from.  And, if for some reason you find that none of these five options work for you then please let us know and will be glad to entertain any other reasonable alternative.


Option 1 - Flat Rate Research

This option is especially recommended for beginners or those just starting out in their genealogical research. It has the potential of returning very good results and for laying down a good, solid, and well documented basis for all future independent research efforts. It is the most economical way to jump start your genealogical quest and to get it on the right track. It is based on a flat, one-time, fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00), plus expenses if applicable, that guarantees you a minimum of five (5) actual hours of personal research and copies of any documents found (e.g., baptismal, marriage, death, census records, etc). All sources are clearly identified on the document for your own future use and independent verification of our research product. After a Flat Rate Research report you can then pursue your research on your own using our findings to guide you; you can request another Flat Rate Research report to follow up on any matters identified in the prior report or any other matter you identify; or, you can request a Research Project (see below) which will translate the information contained in the documents found into a written genealogical report, including several charts for your direct line of descent. To purchase a "Flat Rate Research" report just click on the "BUY NOW" button below and follow the instructions. Once payment is received we will contact you to ascertain the exact nature of your request, or, you may send us an email before you commit, with your research needs and we will respond back in a timely manner.

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 Option 2 - Hourly Rate

This option allows you to pay for research based on a hourly of $35.00 for one hour of research or for up to two hours of research for a total amount of $70.00. If your research extends beyond a two (2) hour time period then it will be more economical to use one of our other options such as the "Option 1 - Flat Rate Research" which buys you five (5) hours of research at a significantly reduced hourly rate. Option 2 should be used if you are requesting a search of either the 1935 Special Census of Puerto Rico or the 1940 U.S. Census. This Option 2 is generally best suited for individuals who want a very specific and limited search, where they may be looking to verify one specific fact and they have a pretty good idea of where it is located. For a more general search, such as trying to locate a family member some where, without too many specific facts, a Flat Rate Research (Option 1 above) might be the better option to use.

Option 2- Hourly Fee


Option 3: Research Projects

Our Standard Research Project includes a minimum of five (5) hours of actual research plus the compiling of the information found into a Genealogical Report along with a standard pedigree tree, and where available general locality maps for the major towns or cities reflected in found documents.

Our Extended Research Project is pretty much what it's name implies. It's an extension of any previous research we have done in an effort to further flesh out family lines beyond what is contained in the initial documents found. This includes ten (10) hours of genealogical research plus all the reports and documents included in a Standard Project Report.

And our Special Research Project can cover a variety of research such as finding an heir or performing due diligence in connection with a probate court case. It can also be used for additional genealogical research. In it's simplest use a Special Research Project will provide you with thirty (30) hours of genealogical research only along with copies of all documents found. It does not include a pedigree tree, maps, etc., however, by adjusting the number of research hours downwards these items can be included as part of a Special Research Project. It is intended to be a flexible approach to meeting all of your particular genealogical research needs.

And, of course, you can also combine any or all of the above three research options into a research project you feel addresses your special needs. 

Project Reports


Our Product

A Flat Rate Research request will only provide you with copies of any documents found.

When you order a Standard, an Extended, or a Special Research Project you will receive a typed genealogical research report which documents our findings and which includes clear citations for all sources used to compile the report. Including the sources makes your report that much more valuable as it allows for independent verification of the research. The report will be submitted in digital format along with digital copies, in .jpg format unless otherwise requested, of all the relevant documents used to compile your report. Additionally, a copy of the report will be provided in GEDCOM format so that you can upload it to any genealogical database program you may be using.

To view a small sample Genealogy Report just click on the left hand side of this page where it says "Sample Genealogy Report." This is just one of the several items you would recieve as part of our services. Please note that not all of the above features may be provided based on any agreements that may be reached, or informally negotiated, in order to tailor a research request to your specific needs. Please note that any reports, charts, etc. that we may prepare for you is our work product and is protected by U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code). Any report we provide you is for your own personal use and cannot be repoduced in any form without our express written permission. 


We accept payment thru PayPal and the following major credirt cards are also welcomed: VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and, AMEX. All orders are processed thru the secure PayPal site for your protection. We also accept checks and U.S. postal Money Orders as payment. Due to the nature of genealogical research pre-payment is required in all instances before actual research can begin.

Please note that the prices quoted above are only for actual personal research time spent on your project. However, they do not include the cost of any necessary expenses that may be incurred in order to carry out your research request ("out of pocket expenses"). Some examples are: research material acquisition costs such as microfilm rentals (currently $7.50/roll), church documentation certification ($5 - $15 per document, if required); out of town travel (where required to satisfy your research request and with your prior approval); photocopies (where applicable, typically $.25 to $1.00 each); postage (where required if email/digital submission of reports/documents is not acceptable to client; or actual correspondence directly related to securing documents or conducting the research). Also, please note that if we already have a record in our possession we will not charge you any out of pocket expenses for providing you a copy as long as a digital version is acceptable. We never charge for a copy of a document, except as noted above, as we only charge for our time spent conducting actual research for you.


Paypal now offers financing, as a payment option, for any purchase you make as long as the amount is over $99.00, Please note that this is a service offered by PayPal whose is wholly responsible for ti's operation. We only list it on our web site for your convenience.  We do not endorse or recommend any financing options. We do not see any of the information you may provide them as part of the PayPal payment process. We only recieve your order information and a notice saying that you have made the appropriate payment. As with any financial transaction, careful thought should be given before making a commitment.  Should you use the PayPal "Bill Me Later" option and having any issues or concerns you should contact the Bill Me Later Customer Support line directly at (866) 528-3733.

Our Guarantee

While we cannot, and do not, guarantee specific research results, we do guarantee that we will provide you with professional services on a timely basis. We are always available for your questions during the research period, which will vary for each subject, but can range in time from one (1) week up to ninety (90) days or more depending on the location and availability of appropriate records. We will also provide you with interim informal email reports on the progress of your research subject during the research period. We may also contact you to clarify any inconsistencies discovered during the research or to answer any questions that may arise. All of these services are included as part of all of the above research options. Our aim is to please you, the client, by providing you with the information you seek. However, there may be situations where the records simply do not exist or are not available for a variety of reasons (personal privacy laws being one). We will inform you as soon as we become aware of any such situations.

Of course, we are always happy to respond to any general, or Puerto Rican, genealogical research related questions you may have at no charge. And, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the above items please do not hesitate to contact us via Email at: info (at) derivera.com or use the contact form on our "Contact Us" page.

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